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Hello All

deathlyvengance, Feb 3, 11 9:02 PM.
Please Note That We Dont Like to have people complaining to me all day.... i do need breaks so dont get mad if im not willing to help sometimes.

Mount Quest Guide

just1grrl23, Feb 3, 11 9:02 PM.

To do this quest you must be level 40+, and have access to Cirrugor!

First Quest:
-Go to Cirrugor and talk to the mount NPC aka Sir Ruffington.

Second Quest:
- Kill 30 Sanja Sparks in Tabazra Dessert.

Third Quest:
- Find Holy Water by defeating Capritons in Mt.Hessian.

Fourth Quest:
-Go to both Marauder Hold and Cabin Elite. Defeat the Gressil in Marauder Cabin and defeat Marquis in Hold. You need to collect their skulls.

Fifth Quest:
-Give Sir Ruffington
2 Pure Auralar and 5 Rubicine [D].

Sixth Quest:
-Kill Macanga in Lost Mines Hard for his manes.Next you get a jewel from the pran lady NPC in Cirrugor. It may cost a bit expensive according to the tax.

Seventh Quest:
-Find 3 Blue Caelium Ores in the Void in Amarkand. It may be a bit hard to find so you can ask for help.

Eighth Quest:
-Go to the Joshua Farm in Verband. Click on the Totem of Test and defeat the mobs that appear.

Ninth Quest:
-Kill 30 Red lion members each in total of 90 mobs. They are in Mt.Hessian/Tabazra Dessert.

Tenth Quest:
-Lastly, Give Sir Ruffington 150k to get your mount.

Well that's all! If you chose this quests here is your guide. But if you chose to pay 2 million gold, you are lucky :). 

To all the new riders out there congrats on getting your mount! :DD

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